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24 September 1985
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Welcome to Happy Drive, a personal journal for Spinel, a freelance writer by day, fangirl of all things by night. This journal is a tiny little corner to post about my writings, drawings, photos, life on World of Warcraft, personal life, and all things that run rampant in my head.

I'm crazy about graphic design, sweet books/anime/manga, epic looking drawings and illustrations, awesome Livejournal layouts, head-banging rock music, monumental games and good photography. Everything I do I use my iMac. All photos are taken using the Canon Rebel XSi.

This journal is 99% friends only, meaning that all posts about my life will remain private and any public posts are related to my artwork or harmless fangirling. Feel free to friend this journal; I keep it friends only for my offline life where my friends are slowly becoming more tech-savy and I do mention them by name occasionally. :<

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