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22 November 2011 @ 10:45 pm
Bleach 474  
HOLY JEBUS. This week's chapter of Bleach was insane!

I can't really tell if Ginjo is telling the truth but Urahara's little statement about Ichigo learning the truth anyway kind of makes me think he is. When Ginjo brought up the badge, and flashbacked to the time when Ichigo showed his pass to the Afro-dude (can't remember his name lol), I just figured that because the badge wasn't common, neither was the knowledge that such a position/thing was possible/available.

This really brings up a lot of interesting things.

But part of me thinks some of it is a lie - I'm thinking that the reason for the restriction was because of the effect Ichigo's powers had on the others around him. I think Orihime's hairpins... guardians... things... said that they were created because of Ichigo so that would explain a restriction (Renji also noted that lieutenants and captains have their reiatsu limited so they don't affect the world of the living). If rebelling was a reason for the creation of the badge, then why didn't Soul Society take Ichigo out earlier when he chased after Orihime? Maybe because he would have been useful in the battle, despite begin so much weaker than Aizen (at the point of Orihime's capture). But they must have thought that Ichigo would chase after her (maybe that's why they sent Renji and Rukia? To keep watch over him?).

Also, it also begs the question why Soul Society would even restore Ichigo's powers. Yes, Yamamoto said that it would have been shameful for them to turn their back on the guy who basically saved their asses, but they could have acted as though they never knew what was going on. I mean, they must have considered the idea that Ginjo must have previously told Ichigo the truth, or did they just assume the truth never got out and that Ichigo would always fight for them without knowing it?

Urg... thoughts are making my head spin!

BTW love the colour page of Rukia's cellphone case (obviously a reference to Chappy) - I wish they would actually make something of it. I would totally buy an iPhone just so I could buy that cellphone case. LOL
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