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13 September 2011 @ 10:23 pm
Bleach 464  
This week's chapter of Bleach was awesome of course. Lots of great Ishida moments! Can't get over how awesome of a character he is!

LOL I love how Yachiru just pops up and basically does nothing but beat on poor Ken-chan! SHE'S SO CUTE NOW~ I love her bone barrettes. ADORABLE~

RUKIA'S BACK~ and she still has her love for all things cute/chappy-style. I love how she claims that she won't be stalled by them (I'm pretty sure she has been lol)

LOL Rukia calling out, "Curses, where are you ♥" and Riruka deciding if she should just shoot Rukia (we all know who will win so she might as well try and take the shot lol).

Going to lament in the awesomeness of this chapter. FINALLY WE SEE ADORABLE YACHIRU~
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