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24 August 2011 @ 12:12 pm
Bleach 461  
Bleach! More is revealed! But no Rukia?! Where is she? D: BUT STILL THIS CHAPTER!! OMGWTFBBQ?

Everyone's together again~ Still loving Renji's look. YAH. I feel the need to pat Toshiro on the head and tell him he'll be taller one day. LOL ONE DAY~

Why do I imagine the arrancar with the millions of eyes all of his body? The one that Byakuya faced because he threatened his 'pride'(Rukia)? LOL I just imagine him going, "ACCEPT THEIR LOVE~"

WUT. I thought for sure that Ichigo's dad would have been the first substitute shinigami. D: But I guess now that I think about it, it makes no sense since he had that white coat on his arm which resembles the captains coats. BUT WUT. Ginjo! WHAT?
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